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ICue Cigar Lounge! 

A Smokin' Xperience 

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Welcome to ICue 

Meet the Owners 

Derick and India always envisioned coming to the Pocono area and starting a business. They were drawn to the area by the traffic, resorts, tourist attractions, and pockets of large residential communities surrounding the area, making it a great location for business! The owners are two good friends who retired from law enforcement, and are from New York and Delaware. 

One might ask, Why a cigar lounge? It all started during an event, and Derick and India found themselves speaking for hours about cigars and their passion for cigars. Then the idea came to mind to start a cigar lounge business. 

When you enter ICUE Cigar Lounge, you are captivated by the ambiance and style. Customers can look forward to a light menu, a full-service bar, and cigars. The owners take pride in working with locals, so you will find wine from Blue Ridge Winery, and expect to see local brands. The owners see this venue as a place that feels like home, the furniture is exceptionally comfortable, and you can set back, snack, and relax with or without a cigar. 

There will be a grand opening ceremony in the fall and residents can look forward to a virtual tour and prizes. Details will soon come. The owners will have cigar etiquette classes, local artists, and other events. 

ICUE Cigar Lounge also has cigar lockers for cigars and cigar accessories. Membership for cigar lockers for the year are $225. For more details feel free to call the Lounge at: 570-369-4430. The Lounge is located at :

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